We make chicken wings at my house all the time and my dog just loves them. Before you say dogs are not supposed to eat chicken bones be aware that I have been giving my dogs chicken bones for 20 years without a problem. The reason it doesn't harm my dogs is because they are raw and frozen and the bones don't splinter.
Anyway, when I pull the bag of frozen wings out of the freezer my girl just goes ape shit until I give her a wing. When I give her a wing she runs behind her favorite coach and eats it in about 2 minutes (their frozen solid). After she eats the wing she will bug me for at least another hour for another one. She will push her head against my leg, she will run into me, she will try to block entrance to the fridge, anything to get a wing.
After a while she will finally give up and wait on the next time that we will be serving wings and she will get her treat as usual.
Enough about my crazy dog, is your dog crazy?